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hindu than muslim with jakir nayak 3gp video Naik claimed while official estimates put the Muslim population in India around 200 million he believes there are quot actually 250 million to 300 million Muslims quot a figure that the government supresses . Zakir Naik a well known Muslim televangelist president of Peace TV. Referring to the splintering of Muslim votes Zakir Naik repeated a controversial claim about the Muslim population he has made previously. On August 3 Zakir Naik had said Hindus in Malaysia have quot 100 times quot more rights than Muslims in India. There 39 s nothing that 39 s more hair raising for the human being than seeing something that 39 s greater than us seeing something that more sublime that 39 s part of human nature and what the Quran says is if you want to connect to god then look into nature because nature is the book of god. Islamic preacher Zakir Naik had asked the Malaysian Chinese to 39 go back 39 first as they were the 39 old guests 39 of the country during a religious talk in response to calls for his own deportation. 3K. Zakir Naik says Pakistan has committed a sin by allowing the construction of a Hindu temple in the country using Muslim taxpayer money. At about 4 56 minutes in the video Naik claimed There are various researches which confirm that there are various benefits for the human being in drinking camel s Hindu Brother Commented On Dr Zakir Naik 39 s Approach. Zakir Naik is a well known media personality founder of the Islamic Research Foundation IRF in Mumbai India in 1991. Singh said Dr. Dr. Is it Permissible for a Muslim to say Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai Brother Brother Live Q amp A by Dr Zakir Naik LADZ1 4 2 Permissible Muslim ToSay Superb Reply of Zakir Naik Forced Non Muslims Woman to Accept Islam. the Muslims not against the India but the not accept the thing On a YouTube video uploaded on June 27 radical Islamist Zakir Naik was seen interacting with his followers and taking various questions from them to explain certain Islamic concepts. Zakir Naik. The video in which Dr. This is a video I made after I 39 ve been in this field for dawah for more than 20 years more than 20 years. Zakir Naik with Shaharukh Khan Soha Ali khan karan Johar Kabir Khan Maulana Mehmood Madni and with some others invited by NDTV 24 by 7 in the Hinduism is the most Ancient religion in the world. H equalDr Zakir Naik Dr Zakir Naik answers Dr Zakir Naik videos Dr Zakir Naik lectures Dr Zakir Naik urdu Dr Zakir Naik 2016 Dr Zakir Naik English Dr Zakir Naik Hindi Dr Zakir Naik bayan www. See older versions in the Internet Archive. RRP 15. He went on to establish Peace TV a Dubai based satellite channel on which he is a prominent speaker in 2006. Meaning of Jew Christian Hindu and Muslim Dr Zakir Naik. Malaysia s cabinet has discussed the permanent residency of Indian Muslim preacher Zakir Naik with four ministers demanding his expulsion for allegedly making racially sensitive remarks in the Analysis of Zakir Naik s claims. 2 January 2021. He also made insensitive remarks against the Chinese Malaysian community. Meaning Jew Christian Hindu Muslim Zakir Naik Zakirnaik Drzakirnaik. The Hence the Hindu Indian Muslim Indian hatred has become worse. Zakir Naik who has lived in Malaysia for about three years is facing charges of money laundering and hate speech in India. Zakir Naik Video of my speech on Osama Bin Laden doctored Zakir Naik Video of my speech on Osama Bin Laden doctored quot No Muslim should terrorise human being. He begins with an anecdote common Zakir Naik. Malaysia to quiz controversial preacher Zakir Naik over racist remarks Kuala Lumpur Zakir Naik the controversial Islamic preacher has issued an apology after being banned from giving speeches in all states in Malaysia. m. And that is the reason why the Hindu Indians hate Dr Zakir Naik. In the video titled Dr Zakir Naik on the fate of Ravish Kumar who stands for Muslims amp Righteous Non Muslims he explained how Ravish Kumar and other 8 20 taraweeh zakir naik 8 rakat taraweeh zakir naik bangla zakir naik 3gp bangla zakir naik q amp a 1 biodata dr. Dr Zakir Naik VideosDr Zakir Naik Dr Zakir Naik answers Dr Zakir Naik videos Dr Zakir Naik lectures Dr Zakir Naik urdu Dr Zakir Naik 2016 Dr Zakir Naik English Dr Zakir Naik Hindi Dr Zakir Naik bayan zakir naik urdu lectureislamic lectures by zakir naikzakir naik homedr zakir naik upcoming eventsdr zakir naik programdr zakir naik You can be on Whatsapp. Zakir Naik Videos. Thought Provoking Answer Of Zakir Naik To Hindu Girl. m. was grilled a second time by police on Monday for 10 hours after they received more than 100 complaints over remarks he made questioning the loyalty of minority Hindus and saying that Zakir Naik Justifies Demolition Of Hindu Temple In Pakistan Says Temples Should Not Be Allowed In Islamic Nations by Swarajya Staff Jan 4 2021 12 31 PM Controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik. November 28 2020 . Are Jesus Ram and Prophet Muhammad P. 3K6. Muslims in India get more freedom to practise their religion than any other non Muslim country including But Zakir Abdul Karim Naik the popular Islamic preacher is now wanted by the Indian authorities. 68 Comments 741 Shares. His supporters say Naik has been targeted because he is a Muslim Shailesh Zakir Naik the controversial Indian Islamic televangelist and the founder and president of the Islamic Research Foundation IRF on Monday was banned from giving speeches in Malaysia in the Zakir Naik says India is a safe country for Muslims and advises them not to migrate. Naik a 53 year old radical Islamic preacher reportedly left India in 2016 and subsequently moved to Malaysia a Muslim majority nation where he was granted permanent residency. Indian authorities have accused the popular Mumbai based preacher Zakir Naik of supporting terrorism which he denies. This episode of the Masked Arab s video blog vlog critiques Dr. zakir naik biografi m zakir naik biografia e zakir naik d jakir naik bangla d r zakir naik d r zakir naik bangla d r zakir naik hindi d r zakir naik hindu d r zakir naik sawal jawab d zakir naik d zakir naik 2016 bangla d zakir naik bangla d zakir naik Dr. B. Is it not Immoral and Vulgar for a Muslim to have more than One Wife your video realise the media Dr. The Masked Arab uses clips from a Peace TV commercial and two of Naik s lectures to show the errors in Zakir Naik s presentations. Zakir Naik says that Muslims should join hands with Dalits in order to increase their strength and claims that Dalits are not Hindus. File Malaysian authorities will summon Indian Islamic preacher Zakir Naik for questioning after he allegedly made racially sensitive remarks in the multi ethnic nation the government said on Thursday. The endorsement from the radical Zakir Naik . zakir naik hindijakir naekcontact zakir naikdr zakir naik contactdoctor jakir nayakdr zakhir naikzakir naik Zakir Naik has been under the scanner of Dr. The IRF s web site has been suspended. You can watch you know you can see films. Dr Zakir Naik. Dr. 21 May 2017 Outrage in Malaysia as Zakir Naik suggests Chinese expulsion The move came after he said Hindus in Malaysia had 39 100 times more rights 39 than Muslim minority in India. Problems arose for the preacher last summer after Bangladeshi authorities said that one of the gunmen responsible for an attack on a cafe in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka which left 22 people dead had been inspired by him . Dr zakir naik answered her very deeply. Naik s Islamic teachings and speeches have not gone unnoticed in the Muslim world. Islamist preacher Zakir Naik in a recent video on YouTube has made extremely controversial and dangerous Hindu man excellent argument with Dr. I was misquoted earlier. U. Mr. Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Indian Muslim preacher Zakir Naik has ignited outrage in Malaysia after suggesting the expulsion of its ethnic Chinese minorities even as the country s cabinet mulls Zakir Abdul Karim Naik Arabic born 18 October 1965 is an Indian Islamic televangelist and preacher. Zakir Naik says Hindus are less than 60 of Indian population Muslims can win if they follow his advice. Malaysia cabinet to discuss residency of controversial Indian Islamic preacher Zakir Naik Zakir Naik has come under fire for his recent comments that Hindus in Malaysia had quot 100 times more rights quot than the Muslim minority in India and that they sometimes believed in the Indian government more than the Malaysian one. Radical Islamist preacher Zakir Naik known for harbouring medievalist views and courting controversies has landed himself in controversy after he spew venom against non Muslims particularly Hindus and preaching the extremist ideology of Islamic Zakir Naik appeared in the video and answered the questions posed by three curious Muslim viewers about the health benefits of camel urine and milk in accordance with Quran. OpIndia Staff. Pakistan is committing shirk sin by funding the Indian authorities have accused the popular Mumbai based preacher Zakir Naik of supporting terrorism which he denies. 6. girl asked to Dr zakir naik why the Muslims against the song of quot vandy matram quot after all they are also Indians. zakir naik biografi dr. Naik is a man of Zakir Naik has a message to Hindu Girls don t marry until he converts to Islam. Zakir Naik. This is actually an Indian thing not a Malay thing. On Monday the Malaysian Police grilled the controversial preacher for more than 10 hours in connection with the probe against him for his recent inflammatory comments against the Chinese and Hindu population in the Muslim majority Southeast . Video of my speech on Osama is doctored quot said Naik in an exclusive interview to News18. Naik is renowned as a non Arabic scholar public orator and an authority on comparative religion. I only said Muslim should be terrorists to anti social elements. A very nice replied to Hindu girl from Dr Zakir Naik. And this is not going to end until the Malaysian government deports Zakir Naik back to India so that he can be stuffed into an Indian jail. Zakir Naik Source The Week Islamist hate preacher Zakir Naik in his latest video has supported the torching and destruction of the ancient Hindu temple in Pakistan s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa stating that temples should not be allowed to be constructed in an Islamic country. I 39 ve been in the field of Dawah and I 39 ve met many people who have reverted to Islam from Christianity from Hinduism Buddhism from Sikhism and each one is inspired by the. It is also known as quot Sanatan Dharma quot which means the eternal right path. dr. hindu than muslim with jakir nayak 3gp video

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